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Testimonials about Ed's work
Flood Your Body With Oxygen
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"Take note. The interest this book will unleash is noteworthy. Both lay and professional persons who secretly will not admit their ignorance in this emerging field of study will use it as a guide." - Mona Harrison, MD, Fomer Assistant Dean, Boston Univ. School of Medicine

"I now literally thank God for giving us Ed McCabe. It is through his courage and conviction that my life was saved. Thank you, Ed." - Chris Savage, Australia

"Ed, Your work has been impeccable, profound, and courageous. There aren't the words to describe the respect and admiration I have for you and what you have done for Oxygen Therapy." - Colleen Kincaid, Canada

"I am doing my best to promote your work and the concept of Oxygen Therapy. The work is so important and many more people must know about this. Keep up the fantastic work. God Bless."- J. S., England

"Thank you Mr. McCabe. You're a gift from a higher entity." - Linda Dale, Florida

"Your name is well-known in Russia particularly among the specialists in the field of ozone therapy." - Natalia A. Berdnikova, Manager, Foreign Business, Medozons Ltd. Nizhny Novgorod, Russia

"May God continue to bless you Ed as you have blessed us with your compassionate service. Humankind is the better for your being." - Jerry Bergemeyer, Arizona

"I thank you for your stand and crusade for our health in spite of the dangers you have had to endure. I would say your stance would describe one of my favorite sayings 'One man with courage makes a majority.'" - M.G., New Hampshire

"Ed's information really ignited my brain."- Viktor Goncharov, ND, Ph.D., NY


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