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The Ed McCabe Story

How a Regular Guy Became Mr. Oxygen™


        Ed McCabe, "Mr. Oxygen" is a best selling author, investigative journalist, analyst, writer, lecturer, and consumer advocate in the innovative oxygen and health area. The moniker "Mr. Oxygen" started as a gag, a play on Ed's expertise in his favorite subject combined with the name of Ed's favorite childhood TV program, "Mr. Wizard." Many a cold snowy New England Saturday morning in the '50s found young Ed glued to the TV while being fascinated by the science show's constant parade of new mind-expanding concepts. His constant experiments with what his father called 'tinkering' with everything mechanical and electrical in the house caused his mother many a worry and clean up session. He was often hospitalized with pneumonia as a child due to being born prematurely and consequently not having strong lungs. He says God was trying to make sure he got the message to be compassionate for the sick later on. When not playing neighborhood sports many of his after school sessions were spent in the local library's science and history sections.


        As an adult, Ed lectured worldwide, and has been the honored recipient of several awards. He is the first and only one to create a modern mass public awareness of the existence and benefits of Oxygen and Ozone Therapies.

        One milestone in his career was when Mr. McCabe, along with Senator Tom Harkin and former Congressman Bedell organized and brought former AIDS patients and their doctors to the top levels of the National Institute of Health. The patients had become healthy by using Oxygen Therapy. Mr. McCabe's international expertise, recognition, popularity, and experience have also enabled him to appear on U.S. network television.


        Mr. McCabe holds a degree in Educational Media from the University of Massachusetts. He is a leading international author, lecturer, consultant, and promoter of Oxygen and Ozone Therapies. His ongoing involvement with advanced healing modalities encompasses a span of over 25 years. As a journalist, he solely focused upon studying Oxygen Therapies during 12 years of intensive investigation, research, experimentation, interviews, and travel. He has personally interviewed thousands of Oxygen Therapy users and suppliers. As a result, he is recognized and acclaimed as a top international expert on the subject of using oxygen and ozone for health and environmental improvement.

        Without a major publisher, his best-selling, and now cult classic, 1988 book Oxygen Therapies, A New Way of Approaching Disease, sold more than 250,000 copies through word of mouth. His was the first book to detail every known therapy that used special forms of oxygen to eliminate disease and restore health by ridding the body of toxins and microbes, while simultaneously boosting the immune system.

        As a direct result of Mr. McCabe's writings, his audio and video tape publications, and his extensive worldwide appearances and lecturing, millions have now learned that the proper use of oxygen supplementation and therapies are of prime importance in order to stay healthy, to optimize performance, and to successfully treat disease. "After all," he teaches, "your immune system runs on oxygen, and disease causing microbes, like most of the bacteria and viruses, can't live in it."


        In addition to Oxygen Therapies, Mr. McCabe has written a syndicated newspaper and Internet column, 'Ask Mr. Oxygen', and numerous national magazine articles. He has been published in 'AIDS Patient Care', 'Health Freedom News', 'Explore!', 'East West Journal', 'New Perspectives', 'What Medicine', 'Nexus' and 'Well Being Journal' magazines, and his image and his work were featured on the cover of 'Health Consciousness' and 'New Times' magazines.

        After his appearances on more than 1,500 radio and television programs and speaking platforms in the U.S., England, Scotland, Australia, Canada, Mexico, Holland, and New Zealand, he became internationally recognized as a prominent and captivating lecturer. A Maury Povich TV talk show was devoted to his emerging Oxygen Therapy work, and featured Mr. McCabe and a no-longer-sick-with-AIDS oxygen/ozone user as central guests. The Bio-Oxidative Medicine Foundation-an international Oxygen Therapy physician's group-honored him with its prestigious 'Special Recognition,' and 'Distinguished Speaker Awards.' Mr. McCabe is unique in his distinction as the only person who has ever interviewed thousands of Oxygen Therapy using patients and hundreds of doctors worldwide. He did this while simultaneously investigating the Oxygen Therapy research and treatment centers and at the same time publishing and lecturing on his findings.

        Although several Oxygen Therapies have been quietly in use for more than one hundred years prior to Mr. McCabe's body of work, the general public was unaware of them. His undertakings also earned him popular usage of his title of 'Mr. Oxygen.' The numbers of professional and lay adherents to the therapies continues to grow rapidly owing to his promotion of their simple effectiveness.

        U.S. manufacturers and the professional organizations surrounding the Oxygen Therapy concepts are now flourishing, in large part, owing to Mr. McCabe's years of relentless lecturing and purposely focusing the public's attention on the efficacy of the therapies. His promoting created a demand for them, which then naturally induced people into becoming suppliers to fill the need. The knowledge that Mr. McCabe gathered, created and then taught us is the very foundation of our modern public understanding of how the therapies work and why we should employ them.

        This foundation, or 'informed group consciousness' that we all now stand upon, which he repeatedly laid down, is so large, and so much a part of the now 'common knowledge' of Oxygen Therapy, that we scarcely notice that it did not exist before his pioneering work began.

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