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Ed on Consciousness Determines Everything

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Bio Terrorism: Anthrax, Smallpox, West Nile, SARS


Oxygenated Waters

Nobel Laureate Warburg's Cancer oxy-answer from 40 years ago!


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"Ozone is not smog, Ozone is Good and Natural"

Ozone Therapy

The Dangers of Ozone Therapy?

Ozone is Harmless

Politics - Ed & friends tried hard to help everyone

Ed & Senator Harkin & Congressman Bedell meet the National Institute of Health NIAID Director.
Dr. Fauci's infamous "We see no reason to pursue this."

Ozone docs interviewed report 300+ AIDS patients HIV negative - My National Institute of Health Testimony

Hiding The Truth... Media Blackout on International Ozone Therapies

Nations Media ignore peer reviewed Ozone Cancer & AIDS studies

1. Bogus Canadian Trial Exposed

2. Rebuttal to negative ozone therapy article

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The Essential Oxygen Therapy Diet & Lifestyle

Seven Crown Jewels That Cause Health - Learned from thousands of interviews


Ed on Lifeforce, Gravity, Vortexes, & Water

SARS, and the Oxygen/Fever Defenses

Flood Your Body With Oxygen Book Banned in Miami Beach by Care Resources charity AIDS Walk to please drug sponsors

Sample articles from "Flood Your Body With Oxygen" Book

Missing dietary sulfur/MSM stops cellular oxygenation!

Human immune antibodies produce ozone!

Drugs and Magic in Miami

SARS Anthrax Smallpox W.Nile

HIV Infected Man Meets Ozone Therapy


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Sample articles from new Flood-Oxy book

Table of contents from new 'Flood Your Body With Oxygen'

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Missing dietary sulfur/MSM stops oxygenation!

Scripps: Human immune antibodies produce ozone!

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"The Cause of All Disease"

1994 Oxy-MD IBOM conference presentation
13 years ago - Ahead of even now!

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August 2005 Women's Health & Fitness Magazine

2003 Book Expo America - "Flood Your Body..." unveiling

National Media Exposure for Ozone Therapy Chili Peppers injecting ozone photo in Rolling Stone!

NYC AIDS walk info

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